How to download papers in PDF from onto Kindle 2 or Kindle DX directly, i.e. without PC

  1. Add "pdf" to the line 167 in /opt/amazon/ebook/config/netfront.ini of the Kindle.
    1. Alternatively, install a hack (unofficial update to Kindle) which does that, ex.
      1. kindle2で直接PDFをダウンロード可能にするハック - 記録
      2. yoshi's blog » Kindle 2 国際版へのM+IPAフォント導入はっく
  2. Visit a paper's abstract page, say (1)
  3. You will see this URL in the URL bar at the top of the browser screen. You manually rewrite this URL as (3)
  4. Select "GoTo" and download will begin shortly.

Any ideas to make this automatique?